Harsnett Choir

"They're a great choir to have singing for you. We've always enjoyed their visits."

- Chris Ouvry-Johns, Director of Music, Leicester Cathedral

The Harsnett Choir sings the choral services at cathedrals and churches when their own choirs are on holiday. See the about page for more information.

We're always interested to hear from prospective new members. See the contact page for more details.

"I am happy to commend The Harsnett Choir" - St Paul's Cathedral, 2019

"We would be happy to have them back" - Southwell Minster, 2018

"We were truly in safe hands with your choir" - Salisbury Cathedral, 2014

Harsnett in Edinburgh Cathedral, 2018
Harsnett Choir at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh, 2018