Fees and bursaries


The Harsnett Choir is a not for profit charitable organisation. However, we incur costs in our activities and our sole income is through our membership fees.

Not all members sing at every visit. Some members sing only when we are local to them. Many find that other commitments mean that they can't join us as often as they might like. For this reason, we offer a membership fee on a pro-rata basis - you pay for the days you sing with us and not for those you don't. We cap that fee annually so that those who attend the majority of visits are not required to over-contribute.

Daily rate

Daily membership for the year is £16.

This is capped at £80 per year.

Annual rate

Annual membership for the year is £80.

If you are going to be singing to be with us for more than 5 singing days in the year, we would ask that you pay your annual membership fee of £80 in one go at the beginning of the year. This makes it easier for us to track and allows us to claim back the tax on your contribution. We can only claim the tax back on membership fees paid annually (not those paid daily).

If you are a tax payer, we would ask that you complete a gift aid form. Please contact John through secretary@harsnettchoir.org for a form.

Fee example

Visit 1 - Christmas/Epiphany weekend (Saturday and Sunday). 2 singing days = 2 x £16 (£32)

Visit 2 - Spring half term single day visit. 1 singing day = 1 x £16 (£16 + £32 = £48)

Visit 3 - Low Sunday weekend visit (Saturday and Sunday). 2 singing days = 2 x £16 (£32 + £48 = £80)

If you'd attended all three visits above, you have completed 5 singing days and paid £80 - the maximum for the year. You can then join us at the rest of visits for the year for free. If you intend to do this, we would prefer you that you pay up front at the beginning of the year.

Visit 4 - Summer residential week. 6 singing days (and one dumb day)

If you only joined us at our summer week, which is 6 singing days, you would only be asked to contribute the annual rate (equal to five singing days) of £80.

Visit 5 - Autumn half term weekend. 2 singing days


Member bursary

We have a bursary for use by existing members who have fallen onto hard times. If you can no longer afford to join us and are an existing member, we may be able to help financially.

For more information please contact Chris at chairman@harsnettchoir.org. Your request will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Student bursary

The Harsnett Choir is keen to encourage capable young singers to join us as we sing in cathedrals and other notable churches throughout the UK. The duration of our events includes single days, weekends and a one week residency in the summer each year. We understand that the costs associated with this may discourage students from joining the choir, particularly when travel or overnight stays are expected. For this reason, the choir has set aside some of its reserves specifically to provide financial support in the form of bursaries for students.

Those eligible for a bursary must be in full time education, over the age of 18 and be able to read music to a standard so that the church music repertoire can be performed with minimal rehearsal. All singers are expected to come to events ‘knowing the notes’.

All prospective members come to their first event as a ‘taster’, after which there is a short audition before admission to the choir is confirmed or otherwise.

Each bursary is valued at up to 75% of travel and accommodation costs. Membership subscriptions are also waived for those in receipt of a bursary. The maximum sum awarded to any one student during one academic year is limited to £300.

Bursaries are awarded for one academic year, subsequent years being subject to demand and availability. A one-off grant may be offered for the first visit attended prior to audition (this is not available for our summer week residency).

The decision on whether to make an award is made by the Musical Director and the choir committee, and that decision is final.

For more information or to discuss a possible application, please contact Ed at md@harsnettchoir.org or Chris at chairman@harsnettchoir.org