What they say about us


Southwark Cathedral (Aug 2021)

... We do not normally invite choirs to sing for a whole week at Southwark Cathedral; the fact that we were content to do so in this case is a testimony to our confidence in the choir's musical ability, stamina and professionalism.

In summary, The Harsnett Choir are entirely professionl in their outlook, arrive on time, choose a suitable repertoire for the building and their own forces, protecting the psalm and responses well with a keen sense of pitch and rhythm. We are happy to have them back at any time...

The Revd Canon Andrew Zihni, Precentor

Ripon Cathedral (Feb 2020)

We were delighted to welcome the Harsnett choir to accompany the worship at Ripon Cathedral in February 2020. We would be delighted to welcome them back at any point in the future as they were an excellent choir.

Their singing was on a par with our own Cathedral choir and their professionalism and communication were really good, ensuring a very pleasant experience for all concerned.

I warmly commend them to any church or cathedral who would like to invite them to accompany the worship, both Eucharistic and Evensong.

Canon Michael Gisbourne, Precentor

Leicester Cathedral (Aug 2019)

And they're a great choir to have singing for you. We've always enjoyed their visits to Leicester.

Dr Christopher Ouvry-Johns, Director of Music

(quoted with permission, from the Friends of Cathedral Music Facebook page)

St Paul's Cathedral (Feb 2019)

We were pleased to welcome the choir in August 2016 and again in August 2018 to sing Evensong.

The choir sang well in our challenging acoustic and their behaviour and conduct in the Cathedral both during the service and after was of a good standard. The choir added to the atmosphere of worship which St Paul's works hard to maintain, and we are grateful to them for their contribution to this.

The Reverend Rosemary Morton, Minor Canon and Succentor

Southwell Minster (April 2018)

We were pleased to have the Harsnett Choir with us... where they demonstrated both an ability to choose appropriate music (anthems ranging from Victoria Magi viderunt stellam to Howells Here is the little door and MacMillan O radiant dawn) and an ability to sing sensitively. We would be happy to have them back to our Cathedral as a visiting choir again.

Canon Jacqui Jones, Precentor