Information last updated: 15 November 2021

Saturday 02 - Sunday 03 April 2022

Vacancies: soprano, alto, tenor, bass

Thursday 02 - Friday 03 Junel 2022

Vacancies: soprano, alto, tenor and bass

Monday 29 Aug 2022 (tbc)

Vacancies: soprano, tenor, bass

Saturday 22 - Sunday 23 October 2022

Vacancies: soprano, alto, tenor, bass

Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

Tuesday 01 - Sunday 06 August 2023

All voices welcome

Harsnett calendar

Harsnett has its own Google calendar which you can access and download to your phone or tablet so that you always know what's going on. Simply sign in to Google Calendar using your Google account and search for the Harsnett Choir.

Anything listed in the calendar with a '?' is unconfirmed and is subject to change. If nothing is showing, click 'look for more' to bring up the next entry.