Exeter Cathedral

05 - 11 August 2019

Schedule (tbc)

The below is for guidance only and may be subject to change.


1400-1600 Rehearsal (Song School)

1615-1715 Run through in stalls

1730-1830 Evensong

Tuesday (the Transfiguration)

0930-1200 Rehearsal (Song School)

1600-1655 Run through in stalls

1730-1830 Transfiguration Eucharist


0930-1200 Rehearsal (Song School)

1615-1715 Run through in stalls

1730-1830 Evensong


Dumb day


0930-1200 Rehearsal (Song School)

1615-1715 Run through in stalls

1730-1830 Evensong


0900-0935 Run through installs

1000-1115 Choral Eucharist

1500-1550 Run through in stalls

1600-1700 Evensong

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Information to follow.

Where available the music above is linked to online scores. You are reminded that no time will be spent in rehearsal note bashing music made available in advance.


Exeter Cathedral, The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS


Negotiations for accommodation in Exeter in August 2019 have now been completed.

We will be staying at The Printworks, Western Way, Exeter EX1 2ZT.

This accommodation is 5 years old. It has a number of communal areas with soft drink and snack vending machines as well as a pool table. There is also an on site gym which will be available to us and also a laundry room.

The accommodation is a 12 minute walk from the Cathedral precincts - providing you don't stop to shop!

The cost for up to 8 nights in a single en-suite room will be £225 to include provisions for continental breakfast, tea and coffee. Thank you to all those who have paid the deposit of £50. Please note that the balance of £175 is required by 21st June 2019. Thank you.

If possible and practicable we recommend travelling to Exeter by train. The accommodation is in the heart of the city and has no car parking. There are two public car parks near the accommodation at a cost of £10 per day. These can be paid for by phone for consecutive days, meaning you could pay for the whole week in one go.

Lower cost parking may be available using the JustPark website.

If you wish to use this accommodation, please contact Graham at accom@harsnettchoir.org.

General information

Our dumb day (the one day in the week when we do not sing) is likely to be Friday. We will confirm in due course.

All music will be provided on the day. You will be expected to have learnt music made available in advance of the visit. No time in the rehearsal will be given to note-bashing this music. We will spend more time looking at music introduced on the day. We regret that copyright does not always allow us to make all music available beforehand.

Cassocks and surplices will be provided on the day (if you are new, please send your approx height and build to Elizabeth at secretary@harsnettchoir.org).

Please wear quiet black shoes and black socks/tights as these might show under your cassock.

We do not limit the number of attendees for residential weeks.