Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

Mon 31 July - Sun 06 August 2023

Information last updated 24 November 2022

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This is our annual summer week residency.

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Non-members: contact Ed

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St Aldate's, Oxford OX1 1DP


The following singers have a confirmed place on this visit. Please do not arrange any non-refundable travel or accommodation before your place on this visit has been confirmed.

Those not attending the whole week have the days they wish to sing in brackets after their name. If this information is wrong, please email Ed.

Those shown with an * are required to attend the weekenders' rehearsal on Saturday (see schedule below).

Full week


  1. Fiona

  2. Rachael

  3. Heather

  4. Debs

  5. Anna

  6. Barbara

  7. Elizabeth

  8. Joan


  1. Sylvia B

  2. Jill

  3. Sally

  4. Anne

  5. Deborah M

  6. Jane

  7. Clare


  1. Peter B

  2. Geoff Q

  3. Graham S

  4. Ashley

  5. Geoff Wh


  1. Edward

  2. John B

  3. Mark

  4. Chris J

  5. John R

  6. Geoff Wa

  7. Chris S

Part of week


  • Katie (Sat-Sun)*


  • Su (Fri-Sun)*

  • Claire F (Sat)*



  • George (Tues-Sun)


The following is for guidance only and is subject to change.

Monday - possible dumb day


1400-1600 Rehearsal (Song School)

1630-1730 Run through in stalls

1800-1900 Evensong


0930-1200 Rehearsal*

1630-1730 Run through in stalls

1800-1900 Choral Evensong


0900-0945 Run through in stalls

1100-1215 Choral Eucharist

1630-1730 Run through in stalls

1800-1900 Choral Evensong

*Not all parts will be required for the whole rehearsal. A substantial break will also be included within this time.


The following is for guidance only and is subject to change.

Where available the music above is linked to online scores. You are reminded that no time will be spent in rehearsal note bashing music made available in advance.


Group accommodation will be arranged. More information to follow.

Choir meal

Traditionally we meet for a full choir meal on the Saturday evening. More information to follow.

Robing and dress

The appearance of the choir is important: it gets noticed and affects how we come across.

The choir provides cassocks, surplices and whites. If you have yours at home, please be sure to bring them with you. If you haven’t done so already and this is your first time with Harsnett, please let Elizabeth Jack know your approximate height and build.

Please wear quiet black shoes and dark trousers and socks or tights as these may show under your cassock. Academical hoods and RSCM medals may be worn during Evensong. They are not worn at the Eucharist.


You will be given a cardboard wallet containing the week’s music. It would greatly help if you kept all the music in the wallet when not in use. Please ensure that any markings you make on your copy are made in pencil only.

Harsnett borrows a great deal of music from various sources. Their willingness to lend to us for free depends on us returning it promptly, intact, and with our pencil markings removed. You may keep music you have downloaded or, if you wish, donate it to the choir library.

For services, we carry music in red hardback folders. If you have one of these, please remember to bring it with you. If you do not have one, they will be available. Please return both folders and all music before you leave.

Online resources

Where available, online versions of sheet music are linked from the 'music' section above.

Once the music list has been agreed with the cathedral, Ed will create a Spotify playlist and provide video recordings below. Please bear in mind that the sheet music and recordings linked from here may differ subtly to our own version on the day.

If you have any questions, please contact Ed.