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* indicates the summer residency


1 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Now members are drawn from all over the country, but initially they were a group of singers from the recently disbanded parish choir at St Mary's, Chigwell.
Although initially based in the Diocese of Chelmsford, Harsnett's first ever visit was to the beautiful cathedral in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.
Batten, Deliver us, O Lord our GodHolman in f minorOrr, They that put their trust in the LordMorley responses

2 Ely Cathedral

Batten, Lord we beseech theeHowells, O pray for the peace of JerusalemPurcell, Lord how long wilt thou be angryLeighton in DGibbons Short serviceHowells in GAyleward responses

3 Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford*

The residential summer week has been an important part of Harsnett's programme since the very beginning. Harsnett's first ever summer week was at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford.
Batten, Lord we beseech theeHowells, O pray for the peace of JerusalemNares, The souls of the righteousPurcell, Lord how long wilt thou be angry?Statham, Praise thou the LordSS Wesley,Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceHaydn, Missa brevis Sancti Johannes de DeoGibbons, Short serviceHowells in GStanford in BbSumsion in GWalmisley in D minorWise in E flatAyleward responses


4 Southwark Cathedral

Wills, The praises of the TrinityWood in E flat no. 2Tallis responses

5 Hertford College, Oxford

Harsnett has a long history of visiting not just the big cathedrals but other churches and chapels with a strong choral tradition.
Rutter, God be in my headStainer, How beautiful upon the mountainsWeelkes, Short serviceMorley responses

6 Norwich Cathedral*

Bairstow, I sat down under his shadowGoss, If we believe that Jesus diedMilford, Lord let me know mine endMundy, O Lord the maker of all thingH Purcell, Remember not LordStainer, How beautiful upon the mountainsSS Wesley, Cast me not awayWills, Missa EliensisBlow in FDyson in FHolman in F minorMoeran in DWatson in EWeelkes, Short serviceG Brown responsesMorley responses


7 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Kelly, All poor men and humbleSS Wesley, Cast me not awayDyson in FG Brown responses

8 Rochester Cathedral

JS Bach, Up up my heart with gladnessLord, Most glorious Lord of lyfeSumsion in AG Brown responses

9 Wells Cathedral*

Bush, Tantum ergoGretchaninoff, Cherubic hymnHarris, Holy is the true lightMorley, Nolo mortem peccatorisParry, There is an old beliefRutter, A Gaelic blessingStainer, How beautiful upon the mountainsStanford, Justorum animaeTallis, Hear the voice and prayerDarke in EBrewer in DHarris in A minorHumfrey in E minorWatson in EWeelkes, Short serviceWood in C minorIreland in FAyleward responsesG Brown responses


10 Guildford Cathedral

Amner, Lift up your heads O ye gatesNoble in A minor

11 Arundel RC Cathedral

Harsnett tends to sing for Anglican services, but from early on it was happy to take part in services for other denominations, most notably for the Roman Catholic Church.
Bairstow, Sing ye to the LordLey, A prayer of King Henry VICaustun, in the Dorian modeSmith responses

12 Lichfield Cathedral*

Blow, My God my GodFrith, Bless the Lord all his angelsHaydn, Insanae et vanae curaeHowells, Like as the hartHurford, Through Christ JesusRachmaninoff, Hymn of the CherubimSumsion, They that go down to the sea in shipsWhitlock, Here O my LordDarke in A minorAyleward, Short serviceD Purcell in E minorStanford in CStatham in E minorSumsion in GTallis Fauxbourdons responsesKenworthy responsesSmith responses


13 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Blow, Let my prayer come upH Purcell, O God thou art my GodH Purcell in G minorAyleward responses

14 York Minster*

Ashfield, The fair chivalryBairstow, Jesu the very thought of theeByrd, Sacerdotes dominiClucas, Before the ending of the dayGoss, Almighty and merciful GodOrr, They that put their trust in the LordH Purcell, Hear my prayerStanford, O for a closer walk with GodTallis, O nata luxLeighton in DByrd, Second serviceKelly in CH Purcell in G minorWalmisley in D minorWeelkes, Short serviceHowells, Collegium RegaleAyleward responsesShephard responses


15 Southwark Cathedral

Gasparini, Adoramus teSS Wesley, Cast me not awayAndreas, FauxbourdonsTomkins responses

16 Great St Mary's, Cambridge

Weelkes, Hosanna to the Son of DavidAyleward, Short serviceTomkins responses

17 Bristol Cathedral*

Batten, Hear my prayerBlitheman, In paceDalby, My heart aflameFarrant, Hide not thou thy faceGreene, Lord let me know mine endHooper, Teach me thy wayH Purcell, Jehova quam multi sunt hostesRippin, O Domine DeusStanford, The Lord is my shepherdWalton, Set me as a sealWills, Behold now praise the LordWood, O most mercifulNoble in B minorBrewer in DByrd, Short serviceCaustun in the Dorian modeHealey Willan in E flatHowells in GWise in D minorG Brown responsesTomkins responses


18 Chelmsford Cathedral

Lassus, Scio enimStanford, Glorious and powerful GodWood in E minorTomkins responses

19 St Peter's, Yalding

56 Salisbury Cathedral*

Esquival, Ego sum panis vivusLeighton, Let all the world in every corner singMorales, Peccantem me quotidieMundy, O Lord the maker of all thingSchütz, Cantate DominoStanford, Glorious and powerful GodWeelkes, O Lord ariseSS Wesley, O Lord my GodDarke in ELloyd Webber, Missa Princeps pacisCooke in CR Lloyd, Salisbury serviceStainer in AS Wilson in CWise in D minorAlcock, Te Deum in B flatStanford, Benedictus in B flatPlainsong responsesStatham responsesTomkins responses
Anon, This is the dayBritten, Hymn to St. PeterStainer in E flatAyleward responses

20 Exeter Cathedral*

Amner, Come let's rejoiceBritten, Hymn to St. PeterKelly, He is the wayMilford, Lord let me know mine endRutter, God be in my headStanford, Glorious and powerful GodSumsion, Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceSS Wesley, Ascribe unto the LordIreland in CGibbons, Short serviceHowells, Gloucester serviceHumfrey in E minorStainer in E flatStanford in AWood in E minorStanford in CSumsion responsesTomkins responses


21 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Amner, Come let's rejoiceGibbons, Short serviceTomkins responses

22 Rochester Cathedral

Vaughan Williams, Let all the world in every corner singSS Wesley, O Lord my GodHylton Stewart in CShephard responses

23 Ripon Cathedral*

Bush, Tantum ergoElgar, Light of the worldKalinnikoff, I will love theeLeighton, Let all the world in every corner singH Purcell, I was gladVaughan Williams, Let all the world in every corner singSS Wesley, Wash me throughlyWood, Hail gladdening lightWood in the Phrygian modeBlow in FHowells, St. Paul's serviceHylton Stewart in CLeighton, Collegium Magdalenae OxonienseWalmisley in DWood in FStanford in B flatMorley responsesShephard responses


24 Southwark Cathedral

Goss, The WildernessS Wilson in CG Brown responses

25 St Bride's, Fleet Street, London

Blow, Salvator MundiGoss, If we believe that Jesus diedBrewer in E flatTallis responses

26 Llandaff Cathedral*

Blow, Salvator MundiByrd, O magnum mysteriumElgar, O salutarisElgar, The Spirit of the LordGoss, The WildernessHarris, Bring us O LordJackson, Blow ye the trumpet in ZionWalton, Set me as a sealOldroyd, Mass of the quiet hourWills, Missa BrevisAmner, Second (Cesar's) serviceBrewer in E flatWeelkes, Short serviceS Wilson in CWise in D minorWood in G (double choir)Radcliffe responses


27 Ely Cathedral

Statham, Praise thou the LordWatson in ESmith responses

28 Guildford Cathedral

Wills, The praises of the TrinityBairstow in GSmith responses

29 Bristol Cathedral*

Byrd, Ego sum panis vivusDarke, Lift up your headsHurford, Through Christ JesusPalestrina, Exsultate DeoParry, Hear my words, ye peopleTallis, O nata luxVaughan Williams, Lord, thou hast been our refugeWills, The praises of the TrinityWise, Prepare ye the wayDankworth, Folk massBairstow in GGibbons, Second serviceLeighton, Collegium Magdalenae OxonienseD Purcell in E minorWatson in EWhitlock FauxbourdonsSmith responses


30 St Albans Cathedral

For the first ten years or so of its history, Harsnett met three times a year (two single days, and one week in the summer). In 1995, we started meting in the Michaelmas/autumn half term too.
Parry, There is an old beliefHowells, Collegium RegaleG Brown responses

31 Westminster Abbey

Batten, When the Lord turned againRachmaninoff, Hymn of the CherubimHowells, Collegium RegaleG Brown responses

32 Winchester Cathedral*

JS Bach, God is living, God is hereBlow, Let my prayer come upBruckner, Ave MariaByrd, O Lord make thy servant, ElizabethDalby, My heart aflameElgar, Great is the LordGoss, Almighty and merciful GodJackson, St. Patrick's even-songMiddleton, Let my prayer be set forthParry, There is an old beliefH Purcell, O Lord God of hostsH Purcell, Thou knowest, LordTallis, O nata luxWagner, O Christ, O blessed LordLeighton in DAmner, Second (Cesar's) serviceAyleward, Short serviceHawes in DHowells, Collegium RegaleH Purcell in G minorWood in G (double choir)Sumsion in GG Brown responsesTallis responses

33 St Paul's Cathedral, London

Jackson, St. Patrick's even-songWood in G (double choir)Tallis responses


34 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Leighton, Solus ad victimamWood in CEbdon responses

35 St Paul's Cathedral, London

Haydn, Achieved is the glorious workWalmisley in DRose responses

36 Chichester Cathedral*

Battishill, O Lord, look down from heavenByrd, Assumpta est MariaElgar, O hearken thouForbes, Gracious Spirit, Holy GhostHaydn, Achieved is the glorious workHowells, Mine eyes for beauty pineJoubert, Lord, thou hast been our refugeManz, E'en so, Lord Jesus, quickly comeWood in the Ionian modeBlow in the Dorian modeHowells, Westminster serviceSmart in B flatTomkins, Second serviceWalmisley in DWood in CIreland in FEbdon responsesRose responses

37 St Albans Cathedral

Manz, E'en so, Lord Jesus, quickly comeTomkins, Second serviceRose responses


38 Southwark Cathedral

Weelkes, Hosanna to the Son of DavidIreland in FTomkins responses

39 Peterborough Cathedral

Campbell, Sing we merrilyBairstow in DTomkins responses

40 Worcester Cathedral*

Campbell, Sing we merrilyGibbons, O Lord in thy wrathMarchant, Very bread, good Shepherd, tend usMathias, O sing unto the LordMendelssohn, Judge me O GodH Purcell, I was gladWalmisley, Remember O LordPalestrina, Missa Ecce ego JohannisBairstow in DByrd, Short serviceIreland in FJackson in GKelway in B minorWalmisley in DReading responsesTomkins responses

41 Norwich Cathedral

Walmisley, Remember O LordJackson in GReading responses


42 Rochester Cathedral

Walthew, I have lifted up mine eyesMorley, Short servicePlainsong responses

43 Bristol Cathedral

Hewitt-Jones, O praise God in his holinessStanford in FStatham responses

44 Durham Cathedral*

Bainton, And I saw a new heavenByrd, Sing joyfullyHewitt-Jones, O praise God in his holinessSchütz, Cantate DominoStanford, O living willTippett, Plebs angelicaTucapsky, Pater meusWalthew, I have lifted up mine eyesBerkeley, Missa BrevisAtkins in GBlow in FC Lloyd in AMorley, Short serviceMurrill in EStanford in FNoble in B minorPlainsong responsesStatham responsesWalsh responses

45 Portsmouth Cathedral

Byrd, Sing joyfullyAtkins in GStatham responses


46 Ely Cathedral

Battishill, Call to remembranceWarren, Bristol serviceByrd responses

47 St Paul's Cathedral, London

Boyle, Thou O God art praised in ZionC Lloyd in AByrd responses

48 Hereford Cathedral*

Battishill, Call to remembranceBlow, Let thy hand be strengthenedBoyce, All the ends of the worldBoyle, Thou O God art praised in ZionGoss, Praise the Lord O my soulHoddinott, Holy, holy, holyKirby, O Jesu, lookLeighton, Give me the wings of faithWeelkes, Gloria in excelsis deoWood in FDarke in A minorHunt, Evening serviceJackson in G minorC Lloyd in AWarren, Bristol serviceWesley in FMoeran in E flatByrd responsesPlainsong responsesSumsion responses

49 Coventry Cathedral

Boyce, All the ends of the worldHoddinott, Holy, holy, holyJackson in G minorByrd responses


50 Southwark Cathedral

Orr, They that put their trust in the LordStainer in E flatAyleward responses

51 St George's Chapel, Windsor

Hemmings, Sing, all ye Christian peopleHawes in DAyleward responses

52 Carlisle Cathedral*

JS Bach, All my life from Jesus springethJS Bach, Breath of God, life givingJS Bach, God liveth stillJS Bach, Jesu, Jesu, thou art mineByrd, Ego sum panis vivusClucas, Before the ending of the dayElgar, Light of the worldGoss, Almighty and merciful GodGreene, Lord let me know mine endHemmings, Sing, all ye Christian peopleOrr, They that put their trust in the LordTallis, O nata luxWilliamson, Dignus est agnusStanford in B flatGray in B flatHawes in DHooper, Short serviceHowells, New College serviceStainer in E flatWeelkes, Five-part serviceAyleward responsesG Brown responses

53 Chichester Cathedral

Elgar, Light of the worldHowells, New College serviceG Brown, responses


54 St Albans Cathedral

Stanford, Glorious and powerful GodS Wilson in CStatham responses

55 Rochester Cathedral

Schütz, Cantate DominoWhyte, O Christ who art the light and dayStainer in AStatham responses

57 Norwich Cathedral

Leighton, Let all the world in every corner singR Lloyd, Salisbury serviceStatham responses


58 Peterborough Cathedral

Morley, Nolo mortem peccatorisH Purcell, Remember not LordWise in E flatSmith responses

59 St Paul's Cathedral, London

Milford, Lord let me know mine endNoble in B minorSmith responses

60 Exeter Cathedral*

Barcrofte, O almighty GodDarke, O gladsome lightDuruflé, Ubi caritasMilford, Lord let me know mine endParry, Never weather-beaten sailRachmaninoff, O praise the Lord from the heavensTallis, O nata luxTomkins, O sing unto the Lord a new songWalton, Let all the world in every corner singSS Wesley, I am thine O save meHaydn, Missa brevis Rorate coeli desuperNoble in B minorStanford, FauxbourdonsWarren, Bristol serviceWeelkes, Short serviceWise in E flatThalben Ball, Jubilate in B flatVaughan Williams, Te Deum in GPlainsong responsesSmith responsesTunnard responses

61 Southwell Minster

Parry, Never weather-beaten sailWarren, Bristol serviceTunnard responses


62 Chelmsford Cathedral

It's extraordinary to think that the choir had been running for so long before visiting its 'home' cathedral at Chelmsford. Now Harsnetters come from all over the country, but back in 2003 when we visited Chelmsford for the first time, members were predominately based in the Essex/East London area.
Streeting, The peace of GodWood in DStewart responses

63 St Albans Cathedral

Stanford, The Lord is my shepherdDyson in FStewart responses

64 Lincoln Minster*

Blow, Let my prayer come up Blow, Praise the Lord, ye servantsBritten, Hymn to the VirginByrd, Assumpta est MariaHemmings, Sing, all ye Christian peoplePeerson, Lord ever bridle my desiresScheidt, O Domine Jesu ChristeStainer, God so loved the worldStanford, The Lord is my shepherdStreeting, The peace of GodPalestrina, Missa Assumpta est MariaDyson in FGibbons, Short serviceHowells, St. John's serviceR Lloyd, Salisbury serviceNares in FWood in DIreland in FPlainsong responsesRippin responsesStewart responses

65 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Blow, Let my prayer come up Blow, Praise the Lord, ye servantsR Lloyd, Salisbury serviceRippin responses


66 Ely Cathedral

Hassler, Deus noster refugiumJackson in GBertalot responses

67 Southwark Cathedral

Howells, O pray for the peace of JerusalemWatson in EBertalot responses

68 Chester Cathedral*

Archer, Dance my heartDeering, Ave verum corpusGibbons, O Lord, in thy wrathHassler, Deus noster refugiumHowells, O pray for the peace of JerusalemMathias, Make a joyful noise unto the LordMiddleton, Let my prayer be set forthH Purcell, Hear my prayerRippin, My beloved SonDankworth, Folk massWills, Missa BrevisBlow in the Dorian modeGoss in EJackson in GLeighton, Collegium Magdalenae OxonienseWatson in EStanford in CBertalot responsesTunnard responses

69 Norwich Cathedral

H Purcell, Hear my prayerLeighton, Collegium Magdalenae OxonienseBertalot responses


70 Canterbury Cathedral

Battishill, O Lord, look down from heavenMoeran in DG Brown responses

71 Peterborough Cathedral

Ashfield, The fair chivalryC Lloyd in AG Brown responses

72 Gloucester Cathedral*

Ashfield, The fair chivalryJS Bach, God liveth stillBatten, Lord we beseech theeBattishill, O Lord, look down from heavenBlitheman, In pacePhilips, Salve salutatis victimaH Purcell, I was gladTallis, O sacrum conviviumWood, Expectans expectaviLloyd Webber, Missa Princeps pacisC Lloyd in AMoeran in DH Purcell in G minorStanford, FauxbourdonsStatham in E minorWalmisley in D minorG Brown responsesPlainsong responsesTallis responses

73 Southwell Minster

Batten, Lord we beseech theeBlitheman, In paceStanford, FauxbourdonsTallis responses


74 Chichester Cathedral

Haydn, Achieved is the glorious workAyleward, Short serviceBertalot responses

75 Guildford Cathedral

Mason, Lord of all power and mightThorpe Davie, Come, Holy Ghost, the makerNoble in A minorBertalot responses

76 Norwich Cathedral*

This was John Rippin's last summer week with the choir. The post had been advertised and Ed Sutton, who became his successor, happened to live in Norwich at the time. He attended Evensong frequently that week - apparently not as surreptitiously as he had intended!
Elgar, Give unto the LordHaydn, Achieved is the glorious workNardone, I give to you a new commandmentNaumann, Lauda SionRippin, My beloved SonSchütz, Verba mea auribusThorpe Davie, Come, Holy Ghost, the makerLeighton in DAyleward, Short serviceBlow in the Dorian modeHowells, St. John's serviceNoble in A minorStainer in E flatWood in G (double choir)Bertalot responsesMorley responses

77 Ely Cathedral

This visit was the last directed by John Rippin who had shown long service to the choir since its early days. We are very grateful to the work he put into the choir; his efforts can still be heard!
Gray, What are these that glow from afar?Cooke in GMorley responses


78 Rochester Cathedral

John Rippin, who had directed the choir for 20 years, left in 2006, handing over the baton to Ed Sutton, who has directed the choir ever since. This was his first service with Harsnett.
Harris, Bring us O LordPurcell, Hear my prayerCaustun in the Dorian modeSmith responses

79 Canterbury Cathedral

Stanford, Te Deum in B flatStanford in B flatSumsion responses

80 Rochester Cathedral

Anerio, Christus factus estIves, Listen, sweet doveLey, A prayer of King Henry VIPalestrina, Sicut cervusCima, Missa à 4Stanford in B flatStanford, Te Deum in B flatByrd responses

81 Winchester Cathedral*

Anerio, Christus factus estBoyce, O where shall wisdom be found?Elgar, Great is the LordHowells, Like as the hartStanford, For lo! I raise upSumsion, They that go down to the sea in shipsTallis, O nata luxCasali, Missa in GCima, Missa à 4Arnold in ABlow in the Dorian modeStanford in GSumsion in GHowells, Te Deum (Collegium Regale)Sanders responsesSumsion responsesTallis responses

82 Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

Campbell, Praise to God in the highestCooke in GSmith responses


83 Chelmsford Cathedral

Ed's first visit to the 'home' cathedral for the choir, who were still geographically based in Essex. It became apparent to Ed quickly that this needed to change. By the following year, rehearsals in Essex prior to a visit had stopped and the membership was growing with members coming from all over the country - the only qualification, a good singing voice!
Blow, Salvator MundiWood in E minorMorley responses

84 Southwark Cathedral

Dyson, Let all the world in every corner singWalmisley in DStatham responses

85 St Albans Cathedral

Haydn, Insanae et vanae curaeMorley, Short serviceStatham responses

86 Llandaff Cathedral*

Asola, Adoramus teBrahms, How lovely are thy dwellingsByrd, Attollite portasHaydn, The heavens are tellingNicholson, Let us with a gladsome mindRutter, All things bright and beautifulStanford, Justorum animaeDarke in FDyson in DHarwood in A flatMorley, Short serviceStainer in B flatWood in G (men's voices)Bramma responsesRose responses for use in the Church in WalesOrganist - Ruaraidh Sutherland

87 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Victoria, O quam gloriosumVictoria, Missa O quam gloriosum


88 Norwich Cathedral

Ayres, Prayer of St. Richard of ChichesterBullock, Give us the wings of faithL Williams, Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceVittoria, Missa O quam gloriosumDyson in DMoeran in DSanders responses

89 Chichester Cathedral

Dyson, A Poet's HymnWalmisley in DByrd responses

90 Worcester Cathedral*

Attwood, Come Holy GhostJS Bach, My soul, O praise the Lord thy GodOuseley, From the rising of the sunRutter, For the beauty of the earthThiman, Fill thou my life, O Lord my GodVine Hall, Angel voices, ever singingWest, The Lord is exaltedByrd, Mass for 4 voicesCima, Magnificat Quinti toniIreland in FLey in A minorMurrill in ENicholson, FauxbourdonsStanford in CTye, Nunc DimittisFerial responsesReading responsesRose responses

91 Derby Cathedral

Harwood, O how glorious is the kingdomBrewer in E flatSheppard, Pepenbury Preces & Responses


92 Peterborough Cathedral

Bairstow, Save us, O LordGibbons, Short serviceTomkins responses

93 Tewkesbury Abbey

Balfour Gardiner, Evening HymnBoyce, I was gladTallis, O sacrum conviviumCasciolini, Mass in A minorGibbons, Short serviceWalmisley in D minorSheppard, Pepenbury Preces & Responses

94 Chelmsford Cathedral

Stanford, Beati quorum viaCooke in GSmith responses

95 Rochester Cathedral*

Archer, And I saw a new heavenChilcott, Be thou my visionElgar, Light of the worldPalestrina, Assumpta est MariaStanford, How beautiful are their feetWesley, Thou judge of quick and deadWood, Great Lord of LordsCasciolini, Mass in A minorCooke in GDyson in DRoyse, Appleby CanticlesShephard, Song of MaryTye, Nunc DimittisWeelkes, Short serviceWesley in EPrince Albert, Te Deum & JubilateKnight responsesStewart responses

96 Ely Cathedral

Stainer, I saw the LordSmart in FAyleward responses

97 Southwark Cathedral

Rippin, Sing ye faithfulStanford in AClucas responses


98 Rochester Cathedral

Rippin, Sing ye faithfulDP Sweelinck, How brightly beams the morning starGibbons, Short serviceStatham responses

99 Birmingham Cathedral

26 February
Hadley, My beloved spakeTye, Laudate nomen dominiWood in E flat no. 2Ayleward responses

100 Winchester Cathedral

28-29 May
The choir was asked to sing at a wedding during their visit to Winchester Cathedral. Ed forgot to bring the music for the anthem. Luckily an online version was found - frantic photocopying ensued.
Anerio, Angelus autem DominiDyson, LaudsRutter, The Lord bless you and keep you [at wedding]Vivaldi, Gloria (1st Movement) [at wedding]Wood, O thou the central orbDarke in ETallis, Short serviceWood in E flat no. 2Prince Albert, Te DeumByrd responses

101 St Albans Cathedral

16-17 July
Bairstow, The King of love my shepherd isGibbons, Deliver us, O LordGreene, Let me know mine endBatten, Fourth serviceDyson in FBoyce in CMorley responsesSheppard, Pepenbury Preces & Responses

102 Truro Cathedral*

08-14 August
Aichinger, Regina coeliBatten, Lord, we beseech theeFinzi, God is gone upHarris, Come down, O love divineMawby, Ave verum corpusMendelssohn, And then shall your light break forthSterndale Bennett, God is a SpiritTye, Omnes gentes plauditeSchubert,Mass in CAston in FDyson in FHowells, Gloucester serviceJackson, in G minorLassus, Magnificat Octi toniVictoria, Nunc DimittisG Brown responsesPlainsong responsesSmith responses

103 All Saints', Edmonton

17 September
In 2011 we agreed to sing at All Saints', Edmonton (the church of our then secretary, Mark Harris). The setting was by Crusha, one time organist of All Saints - we still use this setting. We then went out to dinner to celebrate Ed's birthday!
Rippin, Sing ye faithfulCrusha in DSmith responses

104 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

29 October
Naylor, Vox dicentisJackson in G minorSanders responses


105 Chester Cathedral

06-08 January

106 Derby Cathedral

14-15 April
Saturday EvensongIlliffe in GRIppin, Sing ye faithfulBertalot responses
Sunday EucharistCascioline, Panis angelicusCasciolin in a minorLauridsen, O nata lux
Sunday EvensongBlair in b minorStanford, Ye choirs of new JerusalemBertalot responses

107 St Albans Cathedral

04 June
Saturday EvensongSmart in FParry, I was gladTunnard responses

108 Durham Cathedral*

06-12 August
On our visit to Durham we were additionally asked to sing a Eucharist on the Saturday to commemorate a life-time in the priesthood of the Right Revd Stephen Sykes (who was Bishop of Ely when Ed was at school there). Bishop Stephen specifically requested the anthem, Lloyd's 'The Call'.
"I will always remember Durham - we stayed at St Chad's College, I had a room opposite the the East end of the cathedral and woken each morning by the distant sound of our organist's early morning practice." - Ed
This was also the year one of tenors failed to put the handbrake on his car correctly and it rolled down the road, coming to rest in a local restaurant window. Luckily no one was hurt.
Monday Evensong Smart in FLauridsen, O nata lux
Tuesday EvensongCooke in GGounod, Send out thy lightStatham responses
Thursday EvensongWatson in EHowells, O pray for the peace of JerusalemStatham responses
Friday EvensongPlainsong serviceBatten, When the Lord turned again
Saturday Eucharist for Bishop StephenMozart, Coronation MassLloyd, The Call
Saturday EvensongNoble in b minorHarris, Behold the tabernacle of GodStatham responses
Sunday MatinsIreland in C (Te Deum & Benedictus)Spohr, Great and wonderfulStatham responses
Sunday EucharistMozart, Coronation MassMealor, Ubi caritas
Sunday EvensongWood in G for double choirWesley, Ascribe unto the LordStatham responsesOrganist - Robert Dixon

109 Guildford Cathedral

20 October
Ed lives in the Diocese of Guildford, and although an irregular member of the congregation and known to the staff, he was not aware that the anthem was the then precentor's favourite - lucky coincidence!
Saturday EvensongGibbons, Short serviceHarris, Give us, O Lord GodSmith responses


110 Christchurch Priory

05-06 January
Saturday EvensongByrd, Second serviceRutter, Christmas lullabyTunnard responses
Sunday MatinsIreland in C (Te Deum)Attwood, O God, who by the leading of a starTunnard responses
Sunday EucharistDH Sweelinck, How brightly beams the morning starWood, Mass in FWarlock, Bethlehem down
Sunday EvensongBrewer in DCrotch, Lo, star led chiefsTunnard responsesOrganist - Nick Morris

111 Rochester Cathedral

23 March
Saturday EvensongCaustun, Evensing ServiceBainton, And I saw a new heavenTomkins responses

112 Exeter Cathedral

06-07 April
Harsnett gets asked to take part in some unusual services. At this weekend in Exeter we were asked to take part in a special service with delegates from Melanesia. NB: - I can't remember what we sang? Does anyone remember?
Saturday EvensongBrewer in DMendelssohn, HeiligTomkins responses
Sunday EucharistBatten, O praise the LordWood in FByrd, Ave verum corpus
Melanesian service???
Sunday EvensongStanford in BbWesley, Blessed be the God and fatherTomkins responsesOrganist - Chris Burton

113 Canterbury Cathedral*

05-11 August
Monday EvensongCaustun, Evening serviceIves, Listen sweet doveRose responses
Tuesday Evensong for the TransfigurationBatten, Praise the LordHL Smith, Service in CWood, Hail gladdening lightRose responses
Thursday EvensongBairstow in GBairstow, Save us, O LordRose responses
Friday EvensongPlainsong serviceTye, Omnes gentes plaudite
Saturday EvensongMendelssohn, Magnificat, Op 69Mendelssohn, Nunc Dimittis, Op 69Mendelssohn, Hear my prayerRose responses
Sunday EucharistBlatchly, Gloucester MassChilcott, God so loved the world
Sunday EvensongWood in G for double choirSumsion, They that go down to the sea in shipsRose responsesOrganist - Nick Morris[except on Thursdays when he and Ed swapped]

114 Chichester Cathedral

07 September
Saturday EvensongGibbons, Second serviceHassler, Deus noster refugiumByrd responses

115 Beverley Minster

19-20 October
There was fault with the organ on Sunday evening - imagine playing the Vaughan Williams with no Swell organ!
Many will recall a fault with the (health of) the MD on Sunday morning too!
Saturday EvensongBalakirev, Rejoice in the Lord at all timesSmith Evening Service in C Schubert, Where thou reignest Ferial responsesOrganist - Nick Morris Sunday Parish EucharistAichinger, Confirma hoc, DeusChilcott God so loved the world Organist - Nick Morris
Sunday EvensongMurrill in EVaughan Williams, Let all the worldFerial responses Director - Nicholas WhitakerOrganist - Ed Sutton


116 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

04-05 January
Saturday EvensongGibbons, Short ServiceRutter, Candlelight Carol
Sunday Solemn EucharistWood in FVictoria, O magnum mysterium
Sunday Solemn EvensongMurrill in ELauridsen, Sure on this shining night

117 York Minster

22-23 February
Saturday EvensongGibbons, Short ServiceNardone, A new commandmentAyleward responses
Sunday EucharistCasciolini in a minorLauridsen, O nata lux
Sunday MatinsStanford in Bb (Te deum & Jubilate)Stanford, Justorum animaeReading responses
Sunday EvensongBlair in b minorIreland, Greater LoveReading responses Organist - Tim Semken

118 Southwark Cathedral

15 March
Saturday EvensongBlair in b minorStanford, Justorum animaeAyleward responses Organist - Graham Thorpe

119 Bristol Cathedral

05 May
Saturday EvensongPurcell in g minorVictoria, O quam gloriosum Organist - Robert Dixon

120 Salisbury Cathedral*

04-10 August
Monday EvensongPurcell in g minorBruckner, Locus isteClucas responses
Tuesday Evensong Dyson in c minorMusson, Fill us with love
Wednesday Transfiguration Eucharist Tallis, O nata luxHassler, Missa dixit MariaTallis, O sacrum comvivium
Friday Evensong Plainsong serviceRedford, Rejoice in the Lord always
Saturday Evensong Stanford in BbQuilter, Non nobis, DomineClucas responses
Sunday EucharistVittoria, Missa pro VittoriaChilcott, God so loved the world
Sunday EvensongWood, Collegium regaleWalton, JubilateClucas responsesOrganist - Nick Morris


After years of debate and much talk about 'ladies legs'(!), Harsnett changed uniform. Previously the front row wore academic-style robes with horrible frilly sleeves. For the first time the front row wore cassock and surplice, matching the back row.

121 Sheffield Cathedral

03-04 January
After years of debate and much talk about 'ladies legs'(!), Harsnett changed uniform in 2015. Previously, the front row wore academic-style robes with horrible frilly sleeves. For the first time the front row wore cassock and surplice, matching the back row. Despite singing mainly in cathedrals and to the higher church traditions, the choir wears parish length surplices as a reminder of our foundation.
Saturday Evening PrayerBrewer in DPalestrina, Dies sanctificatusAyleward responses
Sunday EucharistHassler, Missa dixit MariaSweelinck, Hodie, Christus natus est
Sunday EvensongStanford in CHead, The little road to BethlehemAyleward responses Organist - Graham Thorpe

122 Portsmouth Cathedral

28 February
Saturday EvensongBatten, Fourth ServiceKuhnau, Tristas est anima meaTomkins responsesOrganist - Organ Scholar, Portsmouth Cathedral

123 Liverpool Cathedral

10-12 April
The cathedral had double-booked the weekend with Harsnett and the choir of St Giles in the Fields, London. We agree to sing the Friday service ourselves and jointly to sing the weekend services.
Friday EvensongLey in a minorLey, The strife is o'erClucas responsesOrganist - Jonathan Bunney
Saturday EvensongBruckner, Locus isteHowells in GBalfour Gardner, Evening HymnClucas responsesOrganist - Ed SuttonDirector - Jonathan BunneySunday EucharistHassler, Missa dixit MariaByrd, Ave verumOrganist - Dan MansfieldDirector - Jonathan Bunney/Ed Sutton
Sunday EvensongGibbons, Almighty and merciful GodStanford in CWood, O thou the central orbClucas responses Organist - Dan MansfieldDirector - Jonathan Bunney/Ed Sutton

124 Norwich Cathedral

30 May
Saturday EvensongStanford in GSchubert, Where thou reignestSmith responses Organist - David Dunnett

125 Lincoln Minster*

03-09 August
At this visit we had an outbreak of illness, decimating the choir. By Thursday fewer than 1/3 of choir members were able to sing. For that reason, for the only time in the choir's history, and with the Precentor's permission, we changed the scheduled canticles on Thursday. Enough were well enough for us to maintain the rest of our scheduled music list for the week, so we only had to change one piece (Gray in f minor has 9 parts). "I shall never forget seeing the face of the thurifer once he'd realised that the long Magnificat, which would have given him a leisurely censing tour of the quire, was now to be a courtesy censing race around the congregation - sorry! " - Ed
Monday EvensongLey in a minorSchubert, Sanctus from German Mass
Tuesday Evensong Creighton in EbPalestrina, Sicut cervus
Thursday Transfiguration Evensong Mendelssohn, Above all praiseGray in f minor (scheduled - replaced with plainsong canticles)Guerrero, Et post dies sex
Friday EvensongSumsion in GTurner, O clap your hands
Saturday EvensongWood in Eb, no 2Elgar, The spirit of the Lord
Sunday EucharistDove. Missa BrevisMawby, Ave verum
Sunday MatinsStanford in CRippin Sing, ye faithful
Sunday EvensongHowells in GParry, Hear my words, ye people Organist - Nick Morris

126 St Michael the Archangel, Retford

05 August
We agreed to sing at St Mike's, Retford, a high church Anglican parish in the diocese, on our dumb day during our visit to Lincoln Cathedral. Because of illness, very few of the choir were fit enough to sing. Ed valiantly directed, played the organ and sang soprano!
Wednesday EvensongMendelssohn, Above all praiseCreighton in EbPalestrina, Sicut cervusOrganist - Ed Sutton

127 Bradford Cathedral

24-25 October
It's a nice thought that Harsnett took Graham to Bradford for the first time in 2015. In 2019, Graham became Assistance Organist of Bradford Cathedral.
Saturday Evening PrayerCreighton in EbJacob, Brother James's Air
Sunday Cathedral EucharistHealey Willan in GByrd, O Lord, who in thy sacred tent
Sunday EvensongSumsion in GRutter, Look at the world Organist - Graham Thorpe


128 Wells Cathedral

09-10 January
Saturday Evening PrayerDyson in FBullock, Give us the wings of faith
Sunday Cathedral EucharistHealey Willan in GSchubert, Sanctus
Sunday MatinsStanford in CStanford, If thou shalt confess
Sunday Choral EvensongCima, MagnificatMusson, Harsnett Nunc DimittisRippin, Sing, ye faithful Organist - Graham Thorpe

129 Peterborough Cathedral

27 February
Saturday EvensongOuseley, O saviour of the worldGray in f minorWesley, Thou wilt keep himShephard responses Organist - Graham Thorpe

130 Leicester Cathedral

02-03 April
Saturday EvensongCooke in GThiman, Christ the Lord is risen againTomkins responses
Sunday EucharistHealey Willan in GPalestrina, Angelus Domini
Sunday EvensongCima, MagnificatMusson, Harsnett Nunc DimittisMendelssohn, JubilateTomkins responsesOrganist - Dan Mansfield

131 Rochester Cathedral

30 May

132 St Paul's Cathedral, London

06 August

133 Hereford Cathedral*

22-28 August
Monday EvensongArnold in ATallis, If ye love meHC Stewart responses
Tuesday EvensongBrewer in FBrewer, Prevent us, O LordHC Stewart responses
Wednesday EvensongSmith in CWillaert, Omnipotens sempiterne DeusHC Stewart responses
Thursday EvensongC Arburn in a minorSchubert, Where thou reignestHC Stewart responses
Saturday EvensongNoble in b minorHaydn, Insanae et venae curaeHC Stewart responses
Sunday Sung SucharistTye, Laudate nomen DominiRheinberger, Mass in EbByrd, Ave verum corpus
Sunday MatinsPlainsong serviceTomkins, Almighty God, the fountain
Sunday EvensongParsons, First great serviceGibbons, O clap your handsHC Stewart responses

134 Newcastle Cathedral

22-23 October
Saturday EvensongBatten in FGoss, O pray for the peace of JerusalemHC Stewart responses
Sunday EucharistHealey Willan in GStanford, O for a closer walk
Sunday EvensongWalmisley in d minorRippin, Sing, ye faithfulHC Stewart responses


135 Manchester Cathedral

07-08 January
Saturday Evening PrayerStanford in BbSweelinck, How brightly beams the morning starSheppard, Pepenbury responses
Sunday Cathedral EucharistPalestrina, Missa Aeterna christi munera Taverner, The lambOrganist - Graham Thorpe

136 Derby Cathedral

11 February
Saturday EvensongPalestrina, Magnificat octavi toniVictoria, Nunc dimittisByrd, Civitas sancti tuiByrd responses

137 Blackburn Cathedral

22-23 April
Saturday EvensongMorley, Faux bourdonsWalford Davies, Ye sons and daughtersByrd responses
Sunday EucharistPalestrina Missa aeterna Christi muneraTallis, Verily, verily I say unto youByrd, Ave verum corpus
Sunday EvensongTye, Laudate nomen DominiStanford in CStanford, Ye choirs of new JerusalemByrd responses Organist - Graham Thorpe

138 York Minster*

31 July-05 August
Monday EvensongMorley, Faux bourdonsBevan, There's a wideness in God's mercy
Tuesday EvensongPalestrina, Magnificat octavi toniVictoria, Nunc dimittis,Gibbons, Great Lord of Lords
Wednesday EvensongCrusha in GHaydn, Achieved is his glorious works
Thursday EvensongByrd, Faux bourdonsByrd, Miserere mihi
Saturday EvensongSumsion in AChilcott, Be thou my visionSpedding responses
Sunday EucharistHowells, Collegium regaleLauridsen, O nata lux
Sunday MatinsWood, Te Deum & JubilateTallis, O nata lux
Sunday EvensongDarke, Magnificat & Nunc dimittisStanford, For lo I raise upSpedding responsesOrganist - Graham Thorpe

139 Sherborne Abbey

21-22 October
Saturday EvensongCrusha in GBevan, There's a wideness in God's mercySpedding responses
Sunday EucharistWood in FTallis, Verily verily I say unto you
Sunday EvensongCreighton in CRippon, Sing, ye faithfulSpedding responsesOrganist - Ben Newlove


140 Southwell Minster

06-07 January
Saturday Evening PrayerCreighton in CVittoria, Magi viderunt stellamEbdon responses
Sunday EucharistWood in FMacmillan, O radiant dawn
Sunday EvensongWatson in EHowells, There is the little doorEbdon responsesOrganist - Ben Newlove

141 Worcester Cathedral

17-18 February
Saturday EvensongPurcell in g minorPurcell, Thou knowest LordTomkins responses
Sunday EucharistTallis, LitanyCasciolini in a minorBlow, Salvator mundi
Sunday EvensongWalmisley in d minorGreene, Lord let me know mine endTomkins responsesOrganist - Ben Newlove

142 St Edmundsbury Cathedral

07 May
Monday EvensongJohn Amner, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Dorian)Goss, If we believe that Jesus died Organist - Graham Thorpe

143 St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh*

23-29 July
Monday EvensongTomkins, Second serviceTallis, All people that on earth do dwellTomkins responses
Tuesday EvensongPurcell in BbAttwood, Teach me O LordTomkins responses
Wednesday EvensongAmner, Cesar,ServiceAmner, O God my kingTomkins responses
Thursday EucharistDarke in EByrd, Ne irascaris Domine
Friday EvensongWeelkes, Sixth ServiceMathias, Lift up your heads, O ye gatesTomkins responses
Sunday EucharistGuerrero, Missa ecce sacerdos magnus Messiaen, O sacrum convivium
Sunday EvensongGibbons, Song 44Howells, St Paul's ServiceJackson, Lo God is hereTomkins responses Organist - Nick Morris

144 St Paul's Cathedral, London

25 August
Saturday EvensongStanford in ARippin, Sing ye faithfulTomkins responsesOrganist - Graham Thorpe

145 Bath Abbey

29-30 December
Saturday EvensongStanford in BbOwens, The Holly and the ivyTomkins responses
Sunday Sunday EucharistDarke in EWhitacre, Lux aurumque
Sunday EvensongCima, MagnificatMusson, Harsnett Nunc dimittisRutter, Candlelight carolTomkins responses Organist - Graham Thorpe


146 Chichester Cathedral

23-24 February
Saturday EvensongCrusha in DAttwood, Turn thy faceTomkins responses
Sunday MatinsPlainsong canticlesStainer, How beautiful upon the mountainsPlainsong responses
Sunday Sung EucharistDarke in EStopford, Ave verum
Sunday EvensongWeelkes Sixth Service (Mag/Nunc)Ireland, Greater LoveTomkins responsesOrganist - Chris Burton

147 Leicester Cathedral

27-28 April
SaturdayDyson in c minorStainer, How beautiful upon the mountainsPlainsong responses
Sunday Cathedral EucharistMatthew Martin, The Oratory MassMorley, Haec dies
Sunday EvensongWood in G for men's voicesGreene, The Lord is my shepherdPlainsong responsesOrganist - Ben Newlove

148 Lichfield Cathedral

22 June
Monday EvensongIan Ord-Hume, St Paul's fauxbourdon MagnificatVictoria, Nunc dimittis a4Tchaikovsky, Hymn to the TrinityPlainsong responsesOrganist - Graham Thorpe

149 Exeter Cathedral*

05-11 August
MondayGibbons Short ServiceBach, God liveth still
Tuesday Transfiguration EucharistMatthew Martin, The Oratory MassJohn Brackenborough, O nata lux
WednesdayCF Stewart in CPurcell, O God the king of glory
ThursdayBrewer in EbBairstow, The king of love my shepherd is
SaturdayGrayston Ives, Salisbury Festival ServiceRutter, I will sing with the spirit
Sunday Choral EucharistMendelssohn, HeiligCasali, Mass in G (Missa IX)Gjeilo, Northern Lights
Sunday EvensongAnthony Musson, Harsnett ServiceJohn Rippin, Sing, ye faithful
Sanders responsesOrganist - Nick Morris

150 Wakefield Cathedral

19-20 October
SaturdayGibbons Short ServiceRedford, Rejoice in the Lord alwayAyleward Responses
Sunday Solemn EucharistCasali, Mass in GMundy, Sing ye unto the LordPhilip Stopford, Ave verum corpus
Sunday EvensongStanford in CParry, My soul there is a countryRose ResponsesOrganist - Ed SuttonDirector - Ed Sutton, Ashley Thompson, Elizabeth Jack

151 Chelmsford Cathedral

28-29 December
Saturday EvensongDyson in C minorBach, O little one sweetAyleward responses
Sunday Choral EucharistCasali in GStopford, Lully, lullay, Lullah
Sunday Choral EvensongGrayston ives, Salisbury Festival ServiceGardner, The holly and the ivyOrganist - Graham Thorpe


152 Ripon Cathedral

15-16 February
Saturday EvensongCH Lloyd in FJohn Streeting, The peace of GodAyleward responses
Sunday Sung EucharistCasali, Mass in GGjeilo, Ubi caritas
Sunday EvensongBrewer in EbPalestrina, Sicut cervusAyleward responsesOrganist - Graham Thorpe

C1 St Paul's Cathedral, London

25 May
This visit was sadly cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

C2 Norwich Cathedral*

03-09 August
This visit was sadly cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

C3 Coventry Cathedral

24-25 October
This visit was sadly cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.


C4 Gloucester Cathedral

02-03 January
This visit was sadly cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

C5 Bradford Cathedral

10-11 April
This visit was sadly cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

153 Southwark Cathedral*

02-08 August
The coronavirus pandemic prevented Harsnett from singing for 18 months. Many precautions were still in place, with the choir testing each morning, temperatures taken at the start of each rehearsal and the congregation distanced from the choir, but our Southwark residency saw a triumphant return to singing for the choir.

154 Portsmouth Cathedral

date tbc