Leicester Cathedral

27-28 Apr 2019


As this is our first ever ATB visit more time has been put aside for rehearsal than is normal. It is likely that the Saturday rehearsal time will be reduced on the day.


1300-1430 Rehearsal (Song School - Gardiner Room, St Martin's House) - for those singing on Sunday

1500-1600 Rehearsal (Gardiner Room) - for those singing on Saturday only

1615-1715 Run through in stalls

1730-1830 Evensong


0915-1000 Run through in stalls

1030-1145 Cathedral Eucharist

1400-1445 Run through in stalls

1500-1600 Evensong

Please note: we are rehearsing in the Gardiner Room in St Martin's House. St Martin's House is the building to the west of the cathedral.


The below programme has now been agreed with the Cathedral.


Plainsong responses

Sunday Cathedral Eucharist

Sunday Evensong

Plainsong responses

You will be emailed the following music that you will need to print off at home and bring with you:

  • Alleluia&GospelDialogues

  • Farrell - Alleluia

  • Vidi aquam

  • Hymns

Where available the music above is linked to online scores. You are reminded that no time will be spent in rehearsal note bashing music made available in advance.

Join us

Members: sign up on Muzodo

Non-members: contact Ed


St Martin's House is to the west of the Cathedral.

St Martins House, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester, LE1 5PZ


The cathedral has a system to provide discounted parking in the NCP car park at the Holiday Inn on St Nicholas Circle, a short walk from the cathedral. The parking normally costs £20 per day, but this will cost £4 per day.

Instructions for parking at NCP St Nicholas Circle, LE1 4LF

To use this offer, please park at the NCP St Nicholas Circle car park on arrival. When you arrive at the first rehearsal, you will be asked to pay the £4/day and will be given a ticket. To confirm, you can park before picking up the ticket.

To use the ticket, you drive up to the exit (don’t go to the pay machines), insert the card that you got when you entered the car park, at which point the machine will tell you that you owe £X, depending on how long you’ve been there. Instead of inserting a credit or debit card for payment, insert the ticket that the cathedral provided. The machine waits just long enough for you to think that it hasn’t worked and then the barrier goes up and you can drive off. You don’t need to have the ticket before you drive into the car park. If you’re using a satnav to get to the car park, the postcode is LE1 4LF.

We have made sure we will have enough tickets. You do not need to request these in advance.


Both the local rugby and football teams are playing at home this weekend, so we recommend booking accommodation well in advance.

Holiday Inn

Premier Inn


General info

All music will be provided on the day. You will be expected to have learnt music made available in advance of the visit. No time in the rehearsal will be given to note-bashing this music. We will spend more time looking at music introduced on the day. We regret that copyright does not always allow us to make all music available beforehand.

Cassocks and surplices will be provided on the day (if you are new, please send your approx height and build to Elizabeth at secretary@harsnettchoir.org).

Please wear quiet black shoes and black socks/tights as these might show under your cassock.

We do limit the number of people we can take to fit the stalls and maintain balance between the parts. Places are assigned on a first come first served basis. You will be informed if your part is over-subscribed within 48 hours of your acceptance of this invitation. Please do not arrange non-refundable travel or accommodation until after this time. If you need to know immediately, please contact Ed at md@harsnettchoir.org

We will not be arranging group accommodation for this visit.

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